What is the Wurbelizer?

The Wurbelizer is a code generator for Java, written in Java, using Java as its template language and embedded within Java sources. It does not create source files as a whole, but modifies well-defined regions of code. It integrates via Maven-plugins, is available from Maven Central and hosted at Bitbucket as Open Source according to the LGPL.


This 5-minute quickstart tutorial demonstrates how to integrate the Wurbelizer within a maven project.


some facts for the impatient …

How it works

Agility in Code Generation

What the Wurbelizer is not


The Wurbelizer is not a template engine,

although it can be used as such.


It is not a preprocessor,

although it can manipulate source files the same way a preprocessor can do.


It is not an MDD tool,

although it generates code from models.


It is not an AOP framework,

although it can weave the implementation of aspects into sources.


The Wurbelizer has been successfully used in several projects and was initially developed as Closed Source in parallel with the Java framework Tentackle, which heavily relies on generative programming. Eventually, the Wurbelizer became Open Source – “for those who were interested”.